IOT Apps Developers

Address & Welcome:
Opening Keynote: Android Wear
Which product will soon be making waves in the IOT/Apps market?
Speaker: Google Speaker tbc

Apps – The Futures Looking Bright
The current market is alive with potential apps; smartwatches, fitness bands and mobile devices all offer an opportunity to build an eco-system around apps. For 2017 and beyond the future looks bright for apps and IOT.

    Discussion Points:

  • What does the future look like with apps and IOT?
  • Why are exciting times ahead for the wearable app?
  • Which companies are at the forefront in this field?

Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

11.00am Networking Break
Case Study: How Cloud Computing/IOT is Managing Data
Networks generate a vast amount of data that needs to be managed and stored for processing and future use. How does cloud computing with IOT process sensor data online and is this data managed effectively?

Product Demo
See an expert from AR demo their up and coming product.
12.10pm Lunch
IOT Software & Tools – The Comparison
Software and tools make it easier for everyone to develop new apps and services for the internet of things.

Discussion Points:
  • What are the best IOT software and tools in 2017 and beyond?
  • What’s the key differentiators between IOT Software and tools?
  • What does the future look like for the development of new apps and services in IOT?

Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

Panel Discussion:

David Bairstow, VP of Product, Skyhook

Product Reveal

2.05pm Networking Break
Case Studies:
Three pioneers present case studies of their successful projects.
3.20pm Networking Break
Closing Keynote Panel: App’s in Retail
Is there a future of the mobile app in retail or is future of retail in the mobile app?

    Discussion Points:
  • Do mobile apps affect customer service?
  • Will apps in time affect the enjoyment of shopping overall?
  • Is there a future with mobile apps within retail?
Closing Keynote: How to Build a Smarter IOT App
What cloud based apps are at the forefront and what tools and services are required to stay ahead?

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